“PAINLESS”— A Modern Day Fable


A Modern Day Fable

Amos Lassen

This is really not a review but rather a look at a new film that will premiere in early March where it will be screened at the Cinequest Film and VR Festival (CQFF).

”Painless” is a science-based drama and was written and directed by New York native Jordan Horowitz, whose 2015 documentary Angel of Nanjing took home thirteen best film and best director awards from festivals around the world. “Painless” is produced by the award winning, Rhode Island duo of Anthony Ambrosino and Nicholas Delmenico, whose last film “Almost Human” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it was purchased by IFC.

“Painless is a modern-day fable about loneliness and alienation, and the sacrifices one makes for what they believe in,” said Horowitz. He added, “feelings I think we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives.” It was filmed in both New York City and Rhode Island. Montreal native Joey Klein stars .