“JOHN APPLE JACK”— Learning to Love

“John Apple Jack”

Learning to Love

Amos Lassen

“John Apple Jack” is a queer romantic comedy set inside the restaurant industry. When John (Chris McNally) discovers his sister’s fiancé is Jack (Kent S. Leung), his childhood crush, his life spirals out of control. He loses his job, and his playboy reputation. John and Jack have been best friends since childhood and now twenty years later their lives have gone in different directions and they have grown apart. John has had a great life. He is heir to a restaurant empire. He lives extravagantly and is known as a gay playboy who manages to have sex with every hot guy in town. However when he hears that his sister, Vivienne (McKenzi Scott), is getting married to the guy who had been his high school crush, he knows that he must stop the wedding.

Jack is a line cook at one of Jack’s restaurants and he realizes that the time has come to plan for the future. He had once hoped that John would one day fall in love with him and that they would build a happy life together one day but now understands that this will never happen. We can only imagine the tensions he has felt working for John and there had been a heated argument once when Jack became so tense and upset that he threw at apple at him, bruising his ego and launching a series of events that both men have to learn to live with. It also causes both men to realize that they have to grow up.

Now that Jack is marrying his sister, John decides to save her by outing Jack. This was not really news since everyone sort of knew it anyway and nobody really cared anyway. John’s parents decide to use this chance to push their aimless son to make something of his life by cutting him off financially. Jack had once been able to ignore John but now that he has no job and no money, he realizes that he cannot let him flounder in this way. Now both men must find a way to blend money, sex, love and family into one sumptuous recipe for life.

While we have seen this theme in other films, it is the exuberance of the cast that keeps this moving. It is a sweet little romantic comedy that even though it is not a wonderful movie, it is a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.

2 thoughts on ““JOHN APPLE JACK”— Learning to Love

  1. Marc

    I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I’ve even watched it several times; however, I get a bit tired of stereotypical gay behavior (i.e., Marco) being used just for laughs. While the “straight acting” characters appear more “normal” by heterosexual standards, and are thus the leads.

  2. Taterine

    “JAJ” is a really fun movie, definitely worth a watch. It is tiring to enjoy an actor in a good gay role, and finding out afterwards that they are straight. Seriously? Because there aren’t any good gay actors,or are they all busy playing straight roles?


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