“Family Commitments” (“Familie verpflichtet”)

A Comedy Farce

Amos Lassen

David (Maximillian von Pufendorf) and Khaled (Omar El-Saeidi)are a happy gay couple who want to get married to each other in a public wedding ceremony. There are t problems— Aledressi (Ramin Yazdani), Khaled’s homophobic father and David’s pseudo orthodox Jewish acting mother Lea (Maren Kroyman) as well as a possible paternity and gallery insolvency.

While it may not yet sound like it, this is a classic comedy farce. The characters are totally exaggerated, everyone is lying to everyone else. David is flamboyant, obviously gay, and Jewish. Khaled isn’t flamboyant, isn’t obviously gay, and isn’t Jewish. He is a quiet gym teacher who has to pass his final exam in order to become certified. He loves David as much as David loves him, but he can’t come out because of his father.

While Aledressi may be homophobic, but he isn’t anti-Semitic. He reminds us that Jews have lived together peacefully with Muslims for centuries. David’s mother isn’t homophobic, but she’s prejudiced against Muslims.

There is a very large a huge supporting cast, including Khaled’s heterosexual female principal, Khaled’s hostile aunt, and a blocked artist living in the attic of David’s art gallery. There’s also Sarah (Franziska Brandmeier) a young Jewish art student who is pregnant with David’s child. This is a fun movie that requires nothing but a good mood—one you will surely have after the film is over.

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