“Magnified” by Mell Eight— Vampires and Werewolfes

Eight, Mell. “Magnified”, ADS, 2016.

Vampires and Werewolves

Amos Lassen

As he was dying, Yani’s great grandmother, Channa, reveals one last story from her past to tell. Yani’s great uncle Yakov helped her survive the Nazis with the help of vampires and werewolves and, of course, Yani finds this hard to believe. However with her death, Yani realizes the story is far from over.

We see that the world of vampires and werewolves isn’t a safe place for a human, even one with Yani’s unusual family history. With danger at his door, Yani knows that he should run but he has never been very good at running away and especially now with his loved ones and the whole world in danger.

It seems that Yakov had fallen in love with a vampire who helped the starving, half dead family to survive the Holocaust. For that alone, I question the sincerity of the book and the writer. The Holocaust was the darkest point in the history of the world and I see no reason to bring the supernatural vampire to make it sound like fiction. Perhaps the writing is good but the idea for the story is distasteful and just plain weird. I really see nothing here to recommend this book as it pushes the limits of the mind to enter a supernatural world while six million people needlessly lost their lives. I am also amazed that non traditional spelling was used for the names of the characters.


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