“Accidental Step-Brothers” by D. Greg Denton— Tony and Ben

Denton, D. Greg. “” ADS 2016.

Tony and Ben

Amos Lassen

A word of warning: this is a novel with a lot of sex so be prepared.

Catholic Tony and Jewish Ben met on their college campus. Tony is Catholic and Ben is Jewish. What they do not know is that their parents also met on campus some twenty years earlier. Vera, Tony’s mother, and Jake, Ben’s father, however, could not make their romance work. Tony and Ben are going to try hard in hopes that their relationship will work. Tony fells hard and quick for Ben, hard. When they learn that their parents have reconnected, while the boys were away at school, and plan on getting married, Tony is shocked at the thought of being his lover Ben’s step-brother. They realize that they have to learn to get along and deal with this for their parents’ sake and they share a house while their folks are away on their honeymoon. At first things did not go well go well and Ben resents being there because he is in love with Tony. Tony resents Ben’s moving in and invading his space. To find out this strange story progresses, you just have to read this book.

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