“This Is a Dance Movie” by Tim Jones-Yelvington— Pop Culture, Gay Sex and Celebrity

Jones-Yelvington, Tim. “This Is a Dance Movie!”, CCM Tiny Hardcore, 2016.

Pop Culture, Gay Sex and Celebrity

Amos Lassen

I have never been much of a short story reader but “This Is a Dance Movie!” may change that. I absolutely loved every story in this collection that brings together pop culture, gay sex and celebrity. This is a small book in size that is powerful in what it has to say. The one requirement for loving it is that you are comfortable with your sexuality. We meet

multiple personalities here and everyone will find something relatable to his/her life. Writer Jones-Yelvington pulls out all the stops and gives us a really fun read. the stories are just that playful to read.

In the story “This is a Dance Movie!” we read about Robert, a teenage guy via a film plot about coming-of-age. The story is told in the first-person and an omniscient narrator tells of Robert’s fantasies replete with revisions and deleted words so that we understand that the process is not yet over. We read of his lust for an athlete at his school, a perfume salesman and for Taylor Lautner. In effect, this is a story about identity, fantasy, and reality and because it is written ala stream of consciousness, we get to see what he thinks.

“Chore Boy & The Brawny Man: A Love Story” is a look at four men and the intensity of a love quadrangle between The Brawny Man, Mister Clean, Chore Boy and a plush bear with each sharing what works for him emotionally, sexually, and socially. Jones-Yelvington’s narratives allow us to distance ourselves from conflict and concentrate on stories that relate to us personally (but you will have to read them to understand what I mean by that).

We also have stories about a ballet school stalker, a snot fetishist kid with a fetish for snot, and an alcoholic twink who ruins his own relationship by self-sabotage. And though there is a distinct draw for an LGBTQ audience, there are heterosexual protagonists and supporting characters as well (an unhinged housewife and a boyfriend grieving his girlfriend’s death). The stories incorporate beauty, humor, and intellect.

When taken as an entire book, we see that the collection of stories is about love, sexual deviancy and intimacy, and evasive amour. However, this is not a collection for everyone because of the way it handles sex. Personally, I think it is brilliant.

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