“THE DEJA VUERS”— Unexpected Directions

“The Déjà Vuers”

Unexpected Directions

Amos Lassen

We have all experienced déjà vu before and never really understood what it is and why it happens. Chris Esper’s new film, “The Déjà Vuers” does not explain that but then it is something that can not really be explained.

Chuck (Kris Salvi) notices Morgan (Christie Devine), a woman he has never before met, on a park bench and what makes that interesting is that is exactly what he dreamt the night before. He tries to speak to her but at first, she is not the least bit interested and tries to get rid of him yet she is amazed at what he knows about her. The fact that is eating exactly the same fruit salad she ate in Chuck’s dream. The two begin a strange conversation that comes to Chris asking her to have sex with him. Suddenly they are joined by Elias (Craig Capone) a man who says that he is an ancestor of Morgan’s and that he has returned to the present to stop her from sleeping with Chuck.

Just as this plot sounds strange so is the film strange. It seems that Elias has really come from the past because he wants ice cream. As I watched I could not help but wonder where this story was going and why and then I realized that I was actually enjoying the film even though I really did not understand what I was watching.

Logically, there is nothing to understand here but neither does the concept of déjà vu. Everything happens in the same location and with a small cast yet we are not bored and the film is over before we really realize that we do not have a notion about what went on. It destroys the notion that it is impossible to enjoy something without understanding the time and the context. You definitely should want to have a look at “The Déjà Vuers” and then try to think it out.

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