“BOYSTOWN” SEASON TWO— The Boys are Back

“BoysTown: Season Two”

The Boys Are Back

Amos Lassen

I want everyone to know that “BoysTown”, season two is now available to order and will be released on DVD on January 3, 2017.

“BoysTown” was created in 2005 with a pilot episode that had went great success at film festivals and was released on DVD. Now some twelve years later, Ricky Reidling, the creator of the show, felt it was the time to bring to show to life.

“BoysTown” revolves around eight men living in Southern California who are always finding themselves into situations that they can’t get out of!The show is currently airing on the television network OUTtv in Canada, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden.

In Season 2 are still getting themselves into situations they can’t get out of and they have drama and comedy in each episode. We have been waiting for years for season two and most of the original cast from Season 1 is back, including J. Hunter Ackerman, Jesse Seann Atkinson, Eric Dean, Albertossy Espinoza, Jim Patneaude, Ricky Reidling, Patrick Tatten and Peter Welkin.