“LEFTOVERS”— Compelling and Stunning


Compelling and Stunning

Amos Lassen

Tofiq Rzayev’s short film “Leftovers” is set in the Turkish mountains as two plain clothes police officers (Ismail Mermer and Erhan Sancar) take a man (Gokberk Kozan) to a crime scene to identify the body of a young girl. We see that the backseat passenger is highly upset and since we have no background we can only wonder if he is being taken to his own execution. We, however learn that he is to identify the body of someone who is believed to be a family member. He, however, does not know that and his fear becomes so powerful that the policemen must stop the car to let him out. This is significant in that police officers are trained to deal with grief but could not handle the torment that the man exhibits and they are shaken by it. As we watch so are we affected by his anguish.

We learn that our passenger had days earlier notified the police that his eight-year-old sister was missing and now a body has been found at a picnic area in the mountains.

Emotions take over the individual and the police pull over as the man climbs out of the car and his stomach heaves. As viewers we are shaken just as he is and we see one of the policemen go over to him and tries to give him a bit of comfort while the other talks to their commissioner on the phone. That policeman gets some bad news (which I am not about to share here) and we see the same reaction from all three of the men and our hearts break a bit.

I cannot remember when I was so affected by a film before and even more interesting is that this is a short film. The camera continues to show the faces of the three characters and I am sure that if they could see us, we would all have the same look of loss on our faces. Quite simply, this is a gorgeous film.