“Who Did You Say Your Father Was?” by Sam Tallerico— Searching for Dad

Tallerico, Sam. “Who Did You Say Your Father Was?”, Pronoun, 2016.

Searching for Dad

Amos Lassen

In 2009, adult adoptee Sam Tallerico went on a search for his birth mother and during the process, he was led to believe that his biological father was the actor/singer Bobby Darin. This book looks at adoption and deals with questions that many adoptees face. We read how Sam Tallerico dealt with them. He faced trials and tribulations that simply trying to learn his biological background. We feel his frustration, pain and his longing.

Most adopted children, at some point in their lives. want to find their roots and Sam is no different. The search is difficult, and the results are both heartbreaking and surprising. Sam shares the story of his growing up, the search for his original parents and trying to just confirm his true identity and does so both with angst and humor.