“GAY: A Short, True Story of Self Discovery” by Brendon Hartwig— A Sexually Explicit True Story

Hartwig, Brendon. “GAY: A Short, True Story of Self Discovery”, CreateSpace, 2015.

A Sexually Explicit True Story

Amos Lassen

I am sure that most of you have noticed that in every early conversation between two or more gay men, the question of when and how someone came out is always there. “Gay” is a sexually explicit true story. The following is a true story. Author Brendon Hartwig says that this is the tale of a beautiful memory, told as accurately as he remembers. It was when he was sexually naive, in the late 7os when he was just eighteen-years-old, a time when there was no cell phones or the Internet. “A time of discovery, in so many ways”.

Let me tell you that I was pulled in with the first sentence and I did not want this to end. It was just too short but I understand that Hartwig was testing the water and will extend the story if there are readers. This is a story that is nearly perfect (I do not want to say perfect because there is always room for improvement). And yes there is sex here but that is what we do. Having experienced gay sex, we came out. We really did not have anything else and our culture before we received the rights and freedoms we now have was based upon sex. We, are, after all, homosexuals. We wanted more but no one was ready to give it to us and it is important to remember that the gains we have made have all been of late. I am not going to share anything else about the story because this is one you must come to on your own terms.