“Eros and Dust: Stories” by Trebor Healy— The Lives of Gay Men


Healy, Trebor. “Eros & Dust: Stories”, Lethe Press, 2016.

The Lives of Gay Men

Amos Lassen

One of the authors that I always satisfy is Trebor Healy and I eagerly await the publication each new book of each new book that he writes. In this collection of short stories, Healy brings us quite a cast of characters and themes. We meet a guy who is addicted to meth yet is determined to find redemption in the New Orleans of after the devastation of Katrina, a clown in a circus who runs away from his lover and goes to Argentina, men who like youngsters, lovers on the internet and so on. There are stories of unbridled lust, the supernatural and sex all written in the gorgeous prose that Healy is known for. Yet here there is something else—vulnerability and we get this in even the most undesirable of his characters.

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