“Bread, Salt and Wine” by Dev Bentham— Love and Healing


Bentham, Dev. “Bread, Salt and Wine” (Tarnished Souls) (Volume 4), Love is a Light Press, 2013.

Love and Healing

Amos Lassen

George Zajac was raised in a religious family and at age thirty-eight, we see that he’s a troubled man. He had been a banker in New York and in order to escape that boring and miserable life, he moves across the country to start over again in Los Angeles as the catering chef for a prestigious French Restaurant. It is there that ne meets Kenny Marks, a writer working as a waiter. Kenny is everything has never been. He is flamboyant, proud and confident in his sexuality. Against his better judgment, George agrees to a date with Kenny and the attraction between the two men is electric. However, after the two become close, George is troubled by his sexual hang-ups and still haunted by his childhood. He stays deep in the closet and cannot commit to Kenny. George decides that all he really needs is someone with whom to have sex and George suggests that he be that person and Kenny agrees but then accuses George of being sick and needing to see a therapist. It actually takes some eight years before George can deal with a true love relationship with Kenny. He knew what he wanted but had no idea how to deal with it. While this is a short novel (coming in at less than 200 pages), it has a lot to say and does so in fine prose and character development.

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