“She Married a Zombie Truck Driver & Five other “Trucking” Tales” by Robin Anderson— Eight Deadly Sins


Anderson, Robin. “She Married a Zombie Truck Driver & Five other “Trucking” Tales”, CreateSpace, 2016.

Eight Deadly Sins

Amos Lassen

A new book by Robin Anderson is always fun. I do not know how Anderson does it but he is always able to put a smile on my face and good feelings in my heart. “She Married a Zombie Truck Driver…” is a collection of short stories about the now “eight deadly sins”— greed, envy, anger, laziness, gluttony, lust, pride and despondency take us to places of “euphoria and tantalization”. Anderson has updated the traditional sins and added the sin of despondency to make them relevant to today and to make theme stories of wry humor. Because each story is unique and has its own offbeat humor, it makes it impossible to summarize them without spoiling the read. We have quite a cast of characters that includes Claudette Cavil-Carter, a representative of the world of avariciousness and Tom Tattoo Edwards who is there to try to help her take all of what she has with her when her time comes. This is like reading a cookbook of sins with each sin having its own recipe and outcome. Then there is the fact that we get eight sins in six stories that are truly “naughty” (Thank you Grady Harp for finding the word I was looking for).

Reading Anderson is habit forming and I can no longer count how many books I have read, reviewed and relished. His output is so vast and such fun that I have given him his own section on my review site.

Anderson is wonderfully ridiculous and amazingly erudite and sophisticated. His seriousness is not in his plots but in his language and his usage of it to create situations that are off-color is a trait that he owns totally. I love his irreverence and the characters he has created here to reflect that. Don’t take my word for it— have a look for yourselves. You will never regret it.

The stories include “She Married a Zombie Truck Driver”, “The Advert” (yes, Anderson is British), “The Princess Michelin & Mr. Sprat”, “Eighty Six and a Half Percent”, “Four & Twenty Blackbirds” and “Seeing is Not Believing”.


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