“High Risk”– Secrets and Lies

Reed, Rick. “High Risk”, Amber Quill, 2008.

Secrets and Lies

Amos Lassen

Rick Reed is an amazing author and he manages to turn out one good book after another. His newest, “High Risk” is a thriller about Beth Walsh who seems to be a regular housewife. She takes care of her lawyer husband and she does her share of volunteer work. She is demure, the kind of woman that one meets at church socials. But not all is as it seems. She has a secret life—when her husband is at work, she changes into a completely different woman. She puts on her sexy clothes and goes out on the prowl. She becomes totally uninhibited and she has a collection of handsome strangers. Her double life seems to work for her until she meets one very handsome stranger that makes her really sorry for her lies and secrets.

When Beth meets Abbot Lowery a fuse is lit. He is the dream of every woman. He is handsome and built and both men and women want him. He, like Beth, is not what he seems. There is a monster inside of him and when Beth casts her net for him, the monster is unleashed and determined to punish her. When this happens, a tale of terror and desperation ensues and it will destroy anyone that comes near.

“High Risk” is a story of infidelity that goes wrong. Reed takes us on a trip of terror. It is hard for the reader to reach any conclusion about the way they feel about Beth because she is a slut who cheated on her husband yet she truly loves him. She feels guilt about her behavior but she cannot control it. She personifies the classic addict. It is hard to want her to survive and it is hard to want to see her feel the consequences for what she has done. She is out of control and her infidelity is her downfall.  She is a conflicted person and she will dwell with you after you close the covers of the book.

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