“MAIL TIME”— A Magical Mail Man


“Mail Time”

A Magical Mail Man

Amos Lassen

 Sebastian Carrasco’s “Mail Time” is a short look at Ted (Timothy J. Cox), a mailman who practices magic as he delivers mail. There is little or no reaction from the people he delivers to with the exception of one woman, Julia Anne Pelton (Makeela Frederick) who is always pleased to see Ted. This is a peek into a boring job that Ted wants to make a bit more exciting.

One day, while on his route, a robber confronts Ted and steals his money, shaking Ted up. It is then that Ted finds inspiration from the TV show “The Illusionist” and he discovers that he has magic of his own.


Timothy J. Cox as Ted does a wonderful job of playing a role with no lines to learn and we see that he can indeed tell a story without speaking. He is able to get us to relate to him and feel what he fells when a door is slammed in his face and delivering mail to Julia who likes seeing him. Julia shares that happiness and his visit to her is the highlight of his day.

Ted is fully aware of the repetitiveness and boredom of his job; doing the same thing every day especially when he has to pretend to be happy about what he does. After the robbery, Ted’s joy of mail carrying becomes more satisfactory for him.


writer/director/producer/editor Carrasco in his 6-minute short looks at finding new joy and increased job satisfaction ion a boring job is entertaining from the very first moment. Ted is kind of an everyman who is completely relatable. Teds has the ambition that illustrates basic principals of finding new hope in a job that can be very depressing and routine. He thinks about better things but this seems to be fantasy to him. We especially see how much we need each other to make situations better. For Ted, it just took a wave and a smile to brighten his job and his day.

This is a six-minute film that is fun, direct and simple. Once again Timothy Cox gives a great performance and this time without saying a word.


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