“SUBTERRANEA”— Living as an Adult



Living as an Adult

Amos Lassen

“The Captive” (Bug Hall) has lived in isolation since he was a child and has spent his entire life in a dark cell. He has never seen the light of day or another human being. When he is released into society, he must learn how to live for the first time as an adult. As he approaches the age of thirty and without warning, he is released into society with nothing but the clothes on his back. Determined to find out who he is, The Captive learns that he’s the centerpiece of a dangerous orchestrated sociological experiment and sets off to find the truth about his existence. This ultimately leads to a thrilling confrontation with his maker (William Katt). The film is based on the best selling British neo-progressive rock band IQ’s album “Subterranea”, whose loyal following was instrumental in making the movie. The film features music from the hit album along with a soundtrack score featuring new music from the band as well.

sub21While being held, “The Provider”, only spoke to him through a hole in the wall. Once released, the homeless Remy (Nicholas Turturro) takes him under his wing and teaches him a thing or two. However, Remy is a thief with a tendency for murder and even betrays his friends (and that includes the Captive whom he eventually tries to frame for a murder that he, himself, committed). The police almost get their hands on him, too, but Maya (Amber Mason), has taken a liking to him and gets him off the street. She is also the first one who believes the Captive’s story and promises to help him find “The Provider” – and of course, the two fall in love and plan to just run away with one another but then she was suddenly gone.


The captive then runs into Andrew (Howard Kingston), who claims to have shared his fate but now knows where “The Provider lives and wants the Captive to take his revenge on him.


This is a science fiction story about and paranoia tale the film spins out of the premise and is totally original. It boast a fine ensemble cast that includes Bug Hall, Nicholas Turturro, William Katt, Amber Mason, Howard Kingston, Ken White, David Mills-Low, Ann Peacock, Lily Gladstone, Caden Zaluski, Angelina Mason, Ella Steinberg, Katie Kohler, Jeff Medley, Russ Gay, Adrienne Bertin, Tashia Gates, Jill Valley, Bear Strauss, Kale McClure, Sarah Leow, Henry Leow, Derek Emerson, Pierce Coulter, Logan Cook, Ali Tabibnejad, Dan Molloy, Megan Toenyes and Joseph Grady.

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