“Flying Without a Net” by E.M. Ben Shaul— One to Watch For


Ben Shaul, E.M. “Flying Without a Net”, Interlude Press, 2016.

One to Watch For (Coming in November, 2016)

Amos Lassen

Dani Perez is a secular Israeli working as a software engineer in Boston and until now has never had any trouble balancing his faith and his sexuality. Then he meets Avi Levine, a gay Orthodox Jew and sign language interpreter. As the two men fall in love, Dani finds himself wanting Avi in his life but confused by Avi’s observance and attachment to his religion. Dani can’t understand how Avi reconciles what his religion demands with what his body desires. And although he wants to deny it, neither can Avi.

Even though Dani can lose Avi to his Judaism (especially since it objects to homosexuality), Dani supports him and stays with him during his struggles.

“Will they be able to start a life together despite religious ideology that conflicts with the relationship they are trying to build?”

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