“A Grande Romance” by Antonio— Love and Mystery


Antonio. “A Grande Romance”, (a Grande Mystery), Smashwords, 2016.

Love and Mystery

Amos Lassen

Julian Grande is having a good life. He has finally been able to go into the business he has longed for—opening a bookstore. As if that is not enough, he loves the town where he lives and has his best friend working for him but even more important is the new prospect of love that comes in the person of Jaxon Reed, a sexy fireman. However, suddenly things change and the question of truth hovers over Julian and his friends.

Antonio’s descriptions are wonderful as his the way he draws his characters. We constantly want to turn the page to find out what happens next. Julian wants to get to the truth about why the mystery (which I will not include her) has become such a major issue in the ways that he and Jaxon will spend the rest of their lives.

This is one of those books that is hard to review because of the mystery and my fear of giving something away that would spoil the read for others. I seem to always say that when I review one of Antonio’s books and that is a plus for the writer. He knows how to grip the reader and have him/her pay attention to every line in the text.

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