“DON’T CALL ME SON”— A Trans Film Prizewinner

dont call me son

“Don’t Call Me Son”

A Trans Film

Amos Lassen

“Don’t Call Me Son” (“Mãe Só Há Uma”) has won a lot of praise on the film festival circuit, including winning the prestigious Teddy Jury Award at the Berlin Film Festival earlier this year. It was recently released in its native Brazil, to plenty of acclaim.

‘A bike, high school, joints, girls, a rock band are part of Pierre’s life. He is a middle class teenager like many others. One day the police knock at his door and his life turns upside down: After a forced DNA test, the woman he thought was his mother is arrested. Pierre is forced to have a new family, to change his address, school, and even his name. In his new identity, he is called Felipe. And that is the moment when his most intimate and hidden secrets will come out, as painful as it may be…’

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