“Haunted Hearths & Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories”– From Eerie to Romantic

Lundoff, Catherine, editor. “Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories”, Lethe Press, 2008.

From Eerie to Romantic

Amos Lassen

All of us love a good ghost story or urban legend. Ghost stories have been with us forever and they terrify or give suspense or resurrect passion or do all three. Ghost stories in many cases are domestic tales and because of that they are relatable and even more fun. But what about lesbian ghost stories? Are they the same as others? Is there a dark side to lesbians or is it because so many ghost stories contain female characters? That is for you to decide as you read the seventeen stories in his volume.

The stories here are universal and cover the world. There is a story for everyone and there are plenty ghosts who make the reader sit up and take notice. I read that because so many ghost stories feature women, that it is relatively easy to look at them as “coded lesbians”—women on the edge of life. With that in mine, lock your doors and steep some tea and have a great read.

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