the kind words

“The Kind Words”

A New “Dramedy” from Israel

Amos Lassen

When her mother (Levana Finklestein) is admitted into hospital for an operation in Tel Aviv, Dorona (Rotem Zisman-Cohen) and her two brothers rush to be with her. As they deal with their mother’s condition, the siblings put aside what is happening in their own lives. Dorona does not want to stay married to Ricki (Tsahi Halevy) her patient husband who has stayed by her after she has suffered several miscarriages. Netanel (Roy Assaf), her oldest brother has become very religious since marrying his Orthodox American wife. Then there is Shai (Assaf Ben Shimon). He is openly bisexual and dealing with the fact that his son is in Hungary and his brother’s disapproval of his lifestyle.

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But then the three learn that the man they that thought had been their father was not and this is only known to them after their mother dies. Three siblings discover a shocking truth about their parentage after their mother dies. in Israeli director Shemi Zarhin directed this comedy-drama in which secrets from the deep past come to light after a mother’s death and these cause tension as well as bring reconciliation to a family. Zarhin explores family dynamics with insight but unfortunately the film’s terms of reference are so insistently Israeli that many from outside the country might have a hard time with it.

It is basically a film about a sister and two brothers who are superficially very different from each other yet who pull together to solve a mystery and earn something about themselves in the process Homophobic Netanel can’t accept that his brother’s bisexuality but it isn’t a problem for their Algerian-born mother or their father (Sasson Gabai). As it happens, all three kids, especially Dorona, are too busy fuming about their dad having left their mother for a much younger woman to snipe at each other much.

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All that fussing and feuding between the siblings is put into perspective when the mother dies suddenly from cancer. Her three children come together to mourn but then the father drops a truth bomb on them: He’s just found out, because his new wife wants children, that he is totally infertile and never could have fathered the three of them. This sets them off on a quest that takes them first to Paris to see their aunt and then on to Marseilles in search of the man who may or may not be their biological father.

Ricki tags along too and this turns out to be quite an advantage  as his calm demeanor and logic often saves the day when the siblings anger manifests a bit too frequently.  Their father also turns up— he would like some answers also, but they are determined to shut him out and not allow him to be part of it. 

The actors are quite good. Zissman Cohen is excellent as she tries to cover up her heartbreak over her infertility and her mother’s death with a toughness she doesn’t really feel.

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Roy Assaf has a good comic turn as the religious Netanel. Levana Finkelstein, as the mother, is her usual excellent self. Tsahi Halevi as Dorona’s husband Ricki has little to do here but look good while Dorona pushes him away, and he manages very nicely. It is a bit hard to understand how Dorona could just toss him off when he is so kind and good-looking.

Unfortunately, once again, is the fact that there are no real surprises and we never really understand why the secret means so much to the three siblings.

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