“IN BETWEEN MEN”— Four Friends

in between men

“In Between Men”

Four Friends

Amos Lassen

Four All-American guys feel caught between two worlds, not truly knowing where they fit in. “In Between Men” follows these four friends in New York City who live “in between” a gay world, “whose cliches they don’t relate to, and a straight world they don’t belong to”. They are successful, professional men not defined by their sexuality. We go with them on their wild adventures, racy story lines, joys and pains all underscored by the pulse of New York City, “In Between Men” looks at relationships the men have between each other, their lovers, and the greater community. Granted that description sounds wonderful but unfortunately the series is not nearly as good as it could be. This was originally a web series about sex and clubbing and all the things upstanding gay men are supposed to enjoy. In reality, it is a stereotypical mess.


To start, the acting is poor at best. The men are gorgeous but their lines are delivered without emotion, and the energy feels sudden and manufactured. The main character Dalton (Nick Mathews) is robotic. The worst of the bunch is Michael Sharon who plays an older, wealthy Italian man that wants Dalton and he is, indeed, cringe-worthy.


The dialogue is unbelievable, as if the characters aren’t even listening to one another. While some bits of the writing are funny, these moments are ruined by bad timing. The majority of the lines are strange and stilted, often in situations that seem out- of-place. The narration, which (thank goodness) fades away as the series progresses, is very similar but not nearly as good as Carrie Bradshaw’s narration in “Sex and the City”.


There are problems in every aspect of this show: the vast majority of the characters are white, well-to-do men (with the exception of a black man that appears in the final episode of the first season and he seems to be there as an afterthought and to appease that criticism); the opening credits, the best of a high school Flash project, are set to hip hop that has nothing to do with the show or the atmosphere in it. An even bigger problem is that thee is nothing new to see— it has all been done before and better.


The show does become a bit better as it moves forward and for a series made for the Internet, its production values are quite good. If you like cute boys, beautiful bodies, a bad script, and bad acting then this is a series for you. So if like fluff, a contrived scrip, and you have a mind that is partially gone, you should enjoy this.


The series presents an over-the-top idea of how gay people might be living in New York City today. For those of us who don’t live there, and never will, this is a chance to see what it is like (for the rich gay man). It is a fantasy world that presents itself as something that arguably could exist in today’s world and we are well aware that it is fantasy. Here is a list of the episodes that are part of the series.


Season One

Pride & Prejudice

It’s Friday of Gay Pride Weekend in NYC. All in one day, Dalton Fuller considers hiring a PR Firm for his business, throws a major industry party for his friends opening night art exhibition, and learns what happens when you do talk to strangers.

It Takes Two

Dalton and Massimiliano learn that the unexpected is sometimes better than any plan. Jake and Kyle take the next step. Dane makes a forbidden compromise.

Business as Un-Usual

It’s Monday after Pride Weekend and the guys’ attentions turn back to work. Ben’s career is skyrocketing, but could get sidetracked by a competitive colleague. Kendra’s efforts to sign Dalton to Capital PR are called into question. Dane shows his frustration.

Secrets and Ties

Dalton gives Massimiliano the third degree. Jake reveals a past tragedy to Dalton. Ben gets a surprise visitor with his own secrets and Dane hits a low point of desperation.

Muscles and Manbags

Dalton and Dane discuss the travails of modern dating. Ben calls on a secret weapon to uncover the truth behind Andrew’s surprise visit. Massimiliano gives a deeper glimpse into his “other” life. Kendra reveals more than she realizes.

Trouble in Paradise

After riding a great high, Dalton & Massimiliano hit a new low. Jake and Kyle have a turf war as Jake’s past catches up with him. A fetish catches Dane off guard. Ben feels the heat at work.

Season Two

Under the Big Top

The Gang Bang’s All Here

As Jake’s Memorial Service looms, the guys try to resume life as usual. Dalton confides in a stranger, Ben returns to changes at work, Dane leans on a familiar element from of the past. Kendra invites her cousin, a mutual friend of Jake’s.

Arts and Aircrafts

When Max leaves for a business trip, Dalton enforces the new rules of their relationship. Ben repays the kindness of a stranger. Dane’s wild night catches up with him. Just as Dalton’s past intersects with Brian.

Kind of a Big Deal

Dalton and Max relationship goes public. Brian and Max have something in common. Drugs teach Dane a hard lesson. Ben faces new challenges both at work and from Adonis.

La Familiar: Part One

A former admirer takes another crack at Dalton. Dane weighs the outcome of Paul’s overdose. Brian gets confronted with a secret he has been trying to run away from. And the stakes get higher on Ben’s quest to make partner.

La Familiar: Part Two

Two for One

Dalton has been juggling three love interests and in this episode, they all make an appearance and cause Dalton to get caught in his own web. Brian comes clean. Ben gets put in an awkward position while Javier pursues. Kendra gets a familiar proposition. Dane moves on.

Wake Up Call

On the Season 2 Finale many questions get answered and many new ones arise in the lives of Dalton, Ben, Dane & Brian.

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