“FLATBUSH LUCK”— Romance, Comedy and Crime

flatbush luck

“Flatbush Luck”

Romance, Comedy and Crime

Amos Lassen

Casper Andreas who consistently brings us excellent gay-themed films has made gay cinema history with having two films at FilmOut, San Diego’s 18th Annual Film Festival. Opening the festival is “Kiss Me, Kill Me” (already reviewed at reviewsbyamoslassen.com) Closing the festival is “Flatbush Luck”.


We meet Jimmy (Tanner Novlan) who was once important on Wall Street and who with his cousin Mark (Robby Stahl) is eking out his existence as a telephone repairman. The two men work hard to take care of the demands of their clients. Jimmy wants to return to former job and lifestyle and Mark who is due to be married is apprehensive and unsure that marriage and Donna (Jenna Perez) this is what he wants. He also finds himself very attracted to his masseuse (Juhann Cabera). While working on a house call Jimmy overhears illegal insider trading and convinces Max that they should tap the phone line and then become part of plan.


To find out what happens next, you will have t find a film festival where it is being shown (and I am sure that there will be many) or wait until it comes out on DVD.

One thought on ““FLATBUSH LUCK”— Romance, Comedy and Crime

  1. Charles

    The plot and subplots make this movie very intriguing and entertaining. The cinematography in this film is excellent, and the cast have great chemistry together. The soundtrack songs “No Guarantee” and “She Understands” by the group “Badgley Cooke” are great too. Don’t miss this flick!!!


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