“DANNY THE MANNY”— A New Web Series


“Danny the Manny”

A New Web Series

Amos Lassen

The first five episodes of Mike Roma’s new web series, “Danny The Manny” and they are really worth seeing. “Danny” (Danny Roma) plays an out gay man who’s been hired to look after a young boy called Quinn while his parent are working.

danny the manny

However, he isn’t 100% sure what he should do when he discovers that Quinn likes to cross-dress. He wants to be supportive but Danny isn’t sure whether Quinn is simply exploring gender as part of growing up, or if it is an expression of Quinn’s real gender identity. Roma has said, “My own story, coupled with my work as a babysitter, made me wonder about how we should raise kids in a day and age when being LGBT is more accepted than ever before. We’re now living in this gray area where gender is being questioned and roles are being capsized. My goal is to bring the subject out of the shadows, to urge others to question our own ideas, and to open up our imagination about what it means to be a girl or a boy.”


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