“The Paper Mirror” by Dorien Grey— A Mystery

the paper mirror

Grey, Dorien. “The Paper Mirror”, (a Dick Hardesty Mystery, #10), Untreed Reads, 2016.

A Mystery

Amos Lassen

Let me start this review with saying that I miss Dorien Grey and that he left us way too soon. As a person he was a real mentsch and as a writer he contributed greatly to the LGBT canon. His creation of Dick Hardesty was a major feat and the books about him have entertained for years. This is the tenth and least book in his Dick Hardesty series.

When Dick, his partner Jonathan and their son, Joshua were enjoying a night out, they learned that Taylor Cates, the cataloger at a new library that was made up of homosexual writings collected by the late Charles Burrows, was found dead at the bottom of a flight of stairs in the building. Burrows was known for his taste in writing, as well as his eccentricity. The library foundation hires Hardesty to help in finding the truth of what happened. The investigation takes Hardesty to those who opposed the library and into the world of a long-dead and secretly gay writer whose family does not want the world to know that he was gay.

Like the other books in the series, this is quickly moving mystery and a look at Hardesty and his family. He was just getting used to being a family man— he and Jonathan had adopted, Joshua who is his partner’s orphaned nephew but he sees that this will have to wait. He had received an invitation to a highly publicized gala and this takes him to a new case that he says is the most intriguing case of his career. Hardesty, before Jonathan, was quite a man around town and he had never really cared about of black tie functions. Jonathan’s favorite author, Evan Knight, would be attending this event just added fuel and Jonathan was very excited about the chance to meet him. The Burrows Library had been literally willed into existence by the late Chester Burrows. It was said of Burrows that this library held the largest private collection of books on gay life and the party was being talked about as the social event of the season.

Just as Jonathan was being introduced to Knight, the party came to a halt when Dick is told Cate’s body had been discovered in the basement. Police believe that his death was the result of blunt force trauma that was caused by a fall down the stairs. However, library board members, ask Dick is to investigate the incident. To find out any more you will just have to read the book and as you do, think of Dorien who is now writing mysteries with the angels.

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