“THE DARK SIDE”— A Powerful Documentary



A Powerful Documentary

Amos Lassen

After World War Two, Moshe Knable begins a journey of revenge against the Nazis. He felt he had no choice other than to pursue cold-blooded revenge. He had kept his stories, as well as the “holocaust” period of his life, a top secret from his children, and for many years they have been living in the shadow of the untold past. Now, at age 85, he begins to talk. He wants to reveal his secrets, so his children can know their father’s past, even if it means dealing with open wounds. Now, the entire family prepares to go on a journey to the depth of the dark past— a place that influenced their lives without knowing it.


This is a journey with a past, but most of all with a future. We see the future of a second generation struggling to break the vicious cycle imposed upon them before they were born.

Moshe Knabel, at 86, seemed to be a regular grandfather.. Moshe Knabel, however, is anything but ordinary. He took revenge. Today, years later, he decides to take his three children back to his village in Poland, and tell them his story, the one with the dark side. Moshe’s children have heard stories about their father all their lives— his family being murdered during the Holocaust, how Moshe’s friends and neighbors turned his family in to the Nazis and how he hid in the woods with the partisans and survived. However, they always knew not to ask too much about what happened next.


After the war, Moshe went back to Poland and took revenge on those responsible for killing his family. He joined the UB, the Polish secret police, a group that operated in Poland after the war with the purpose to fight those opposing the Communist regime, yet in secret they avenged victims and killed Nazis and their collaborators. 

“I don’t remember the first man I killed….I just remember his shoes because they hurt my feet for months…” 


Right after the war when he was just seventeen-years-old, Knabel returned to his hometown in Poland for vengeance. He killed all who harmed him and his loved ones during the war. Seventy years later he returned again to Poland but this time with his siblings, to reveal all. Moshe  Knabel is a survivor who dared to do what many dreamed of… Moshe took revenge.

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