“Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes: A Novel” by Jules Moulin— Mother, Daughter and the Same Man

ally hughes has sex

Moulin, Jules. “Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes: A Novel”, Dutton; Reprint edition, 2016.

Mother, Daughter and the Same Man

Amos Lassen

Ally Hughes is a single mother who teaches at Brown University but her life is not easy. She cannot stand her boss and she has a huge class load. At home she has to deal with her overly critical mother, a house that needs repairs and a very sharp daughter. So she really has no time for a man in her life. But then she meets Jake, a student who while quite young in years has a wonderful mind and who challenges his favorite professor to open up her life, and her heart, to love. The two enjoy a passionate weekend and a romance ensues that Ally is forced to end before it can even truly begin. Ten years pass and Ally is still single when Jake re-enters her life and begins to date her daughter who is now an adult.

This quite simply was not my kind of book and even though I understand that it is quite popular, it left me cold. For whatever reason, I just could not get into the plot. We are to assume what happens rather than read about it. I do not have anything against literary fluff if it is fun and keeps me reading but that is not the case here. The characters are not well drawn and Ally comes across as a bore. Her life consists of denying herself sex, love or affection because she once became pregnant and then she has a fling with a student after letting us know that she hates flings.

When Jake re-enters her life (as Noah) after his becoming a movie star with movie star looks and body, she is not interested and so he goes after the daughter who is as vapid as her mother. There is sex in the novel but I did not find that interesting either.