“Men in Love: M/M Romance” edited by Jerry L. Wheeler— Eighteen Stories

men in love

Wheeler, Jerry L. (editor). “Men in Love: M/M Romance”, Bold Strokes Books, 2016.

Eighteen Stories

Amos Lassen

I am not much of a short story reader and those that I do read are either for review or academic reasons. I am not quite sure why I am not wild about short stories but I think it has something to do with my wanting to sink into a longer work. Nonetheless this is an excellent collection that for a couple of days took me away from the mendacity of cold spring days in Boston where we are still wearing winter clothes and coats. There is diversity and variety galore here. I have read several of the authors before and it was like rekindling old friendships and I was surprised by the qualities of the new writers here—new to me, at least. The authors included are:


Nathan Burgoine

Kassandra Lea

W. Clinger

Vinton Rafe McCabe

Richard Natale

Maryn Blackburn

Gregg Shapiro

Colton Aalto

Evey Brett

George Seaton

Jerry Rabushka

Dale Cameron Lowry

Michael Bracken

Erzabet Bishop

Thom Collins

Matthew Bright

Megan McFerren

Kevin Klehr

Each writer has his own story to tell and it is a matter of taste as to which appeal to whom. I learned long ago to never name favorites and so I won’t but I will say that the two of the stories by authors that I have never read before are stand outs for me.

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