“Dark Blood Saga— Book One” by Caleb James— A Secret

dark blood

James, Caleb. “Dark Blood Saga— Book One”, Dreamspinner Press, 2016.

A Secret

Amos Lassen

Miles Fox is a twenty-three-year-old medical student who seems to have everything going for him. He is very smart and clever, good-looking and has many friends. However, Miles also has a secret. Usually at this point we would suspect that his secret is that he is gay but that is not the case here. He does have a crush on a straight friend named Luke but Miles has the gift of being able to heal others that came to him through his grandmother. She asked him to never say a word about it or to even use because if he does, terrible things will ensue. She knows this because she used it when Nazis killed her family.

I must say that just this paragraph sure hook everyone into reading this book. If you have read any of my reviews, you know that a Jewish theme pulls me in immediately and secrets are always fun to read about. Caleb James has added one other element that enticed me and that is part of the novel being set in my home town of New Orleans.

While treating a person in New Orleans at a cancer ward, Miles was able to heal someone and then finds himself locked up on the psych ward. News of the miracle that he performed began to spread and Miles soon finds himself the object of a manhunt by those who were aware of this magic ability to heal and those who have had that ability have been searched for so that this ability might be used for other purposes.

There are two people who are aware of Miles’ gift— Dr. Gerald Stangl and his teenage son, Calvin ands they are determined to get it at all costs even if it includes criminal activity. As you read, you see that Miles has resolved his feelings for Luke who also becomes targeted because of their relationship and the reader sits on the edge of the chair turning pages as quickly as possible.

I have stated previously that I am not really a reader of books with paranormal themes but this is so skillfully constructed and the characters are developed with such strength that I found myself totally wrapped up in the plot. I refused to stop reading until I finished it and did so in one sitting.

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