“Super Extra Grande” by Yoss— Set in a Distant Future

super exTRA GRANDE

Yoss. “Super Extra Grande”, translated by David Frye, Restless Books, 2016.

Set in a Distant Future

Amos Lassen

José Miguel Sánchez [Yoss] is Cuba’s most decorated science fiction author and has a very strong following in his island. “Super Extra Grande” is his first book to be translated into English. The book is set in a distant future at a time after faster-than-time space travel had been invented. There are all kinds of creatures including sensual women who eat to substances from male reproductive systems and reptiles that talk as well as others who come out of the fertile mind of the writer as well as from science fiction, both Cuban and international. These creatures take the roles of colleagues, fellow adventurers, sex partners, teachers, or members of the military high command in the Galactic Community that governs this part of the universe. Jan Amos Sangan Dongo, has a special role in this. He is a veterinarian whose specialty is in treating enormous animals across the galaxy. When a conflict threatens the fragile peace between the Galaxy’s seven intelligent species, Dr. Sangan sets out on a daring mission to enter a gigantic creature and find two swallowed ambassadors—who also happen to be his competing love interests.

Smartly bringing together his education in biology and his imagination, Yoss takes us on quite a journey. The stories are linked and give us a look at the dystopian future. Xenoids have invaded planet Earth, and causing people to run from what remains of human civilization with its bankrupt economy and social systems. Using the themes of prostitution, immigration and political corruption, we get a metaphor for Cuba today with it struggle for power complicates all aspect of society.. Ultimately, it serves as an empathetic yet impassioned metaphor for modern-day Cuba, where the struggle for power has complicated every facet of society.

Yoss imagines a world where Earth has become a tourist destination by capitalist aliens who have no regard for the planet or its inhabitants. He satirizes inequality and destruction of the universe in his meditation on imperialism in the modem world.

The book is a series of vignettes that look at social and economic disparities in the world where we live. We become very aware of the basic problems that we all deal with daily and Yoss issues a call for change.

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