“DORIAN GRAY”— A New Web Series



A New Web Series

Amos Lassen

It has been 126 years since Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture Of Dorian Gray was first published” but the story of a man who stays endlessly young as a picture of him ages and withers still has a powerful place in popular culture. Now a new gay-themed web series is coming that continues on the story into the modern day.

It criticizes gay culture as being overwhelmingly white and straight and that it isn’t difficult to tell interesting tales of people of different cultures and ethnicities. The show follows Heath, “an intrepid young art history researcher who digs into the mystery of his elusive boss, and discovers that the man is actually the ageless and immortal Dorian Gray who is surrounded by an entire intriguing and dangerous world of the supernatural.”

Unfortunately it looks like we may have to wait a little while for the show itself, which is being funded thanks to a grant from a Canadian film development group. In the meantime, here is the shows first trailer.

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