“INDIA BLUES”— Bold and Passionate



Bold and Passionate

Amos Lassen

“India Blues” looks at a passionate love story of two young men who are sometimes afraid to love each other. George Markaris directed this bold film that has very little dialogue and is made up of eight improvised segments that cover the guys’ experience together.


This very edgy film about two gay men exploring their relationship in real time is a bold experiment from Greek filmmaker George Markaris (transplanted to Berlin). With very little dialogue this largely improvised piece is in eight different segments that cover the whole spectrum of these two young men’s experiences together.  These experiences include pain, lust, happiness, jealousy, attraction, peacefulness, love and anger.  These do not appear in sequence and the audience is left to figure out in which order they actually happened.


Greek Translator Yiannis is looking for a room to live in, when he comes across the one that Chris has to offer in Berlin, they end up sharing far more than just the apartment.  Its a very simple plot and very raw and contains full on sex but that seems a natural fit as we witness the two come together with such hope and then eventually tear apart.  This is obviously not a film for everyone as it deals with a highly sexual subject and moves very slowly. We probably would classify it as being avant-garde in that it presents a very accurate depiction of gay sex.


The young actors, Yiannis Kolios and Christoph Forny give excellent performances, especially in the way that show the vulnerability of the actors. “India Blues” is filled with emotion, depth and intelligence and this is one movie you do not want to miss.

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