“Nate and the New Yorker” by Kevin Klehr— A Dreamer and a Lover


Klehr, Kevin. “Nate and the New Yorker”, Wilde City Press, 2016.

A Dreamer and a Lover

Amos Lassen

It seems like yesterday that I came across Kevin Klehr’s “Drama Queens with Love Scenes”. I don’t remember how I found it but I do remember that I thought the title was kitschy enough to connote a fun read but it was much more than that. I predicted then that we would be hearing more from Klehr and sure enough we have. There are no more kitschy titles and the writing is more mature. I think it is fair to say that Klehr has joined the ranks of other gay men that are writing about our lives.

This time he takes on Cameron, one of those guys who lacks for nothing. He lives in New York City, is rich and is a guy like many of us would like to be. He meets Nate, an Australian who’s bitter about love and Cameron is determined to get through to him and tries to do so by sharing his world of fancy restaurants, theater and great parties. Nate’s friends all see the beginning of a romance Nate has to learn he has to face a painful secret if he is to let love in.

It is pouring down rain today in Boston and it is dark and dreary outside. I needed a pickup and what could be better than a light romance and that is basically what this is. (There’s a little darkness but by and large this a very sweet read).

Nate is on a European trip with his best friends, Ben and Lucy and he meets a handsome, mysterious New Yorker, Cameron Charlton in Prague. They only share a kiss before Roger, Cameron’s cross-dressing butler calls him away. What we do not yet know is that there is something about Nate that is not quite right that is holding him back emotionally and that is what this story is really about. Nate is attracted to Cameron and vice versa and Cameron invites Nate to come to visit him in New York but the fact that Cameron is so wealthy bothers Nate. When Nate tells his friends about Cameron, they push him to go and I really like that they are concerned about his happiness.

As the story moves forward, we learn more about Cameron and his butler who is always there. Nate feels a bit out-of-place with regard to the places that Cameron takes him to and we see that Cameron is a man who dreams big, loves hard and falls in love quickly. Nate, on the other hand, is realistic and is still in recovery from a previous relationship. Klehr has the guys clear up their differences early on but as I said earlier there is something that is holding Nate back.


Klehr is a fine writer but he needs to use a bit more discipline—there were times, it seems, that the narrative ran away from him. The story would have benefited had it been a bit tighter. Nonetheless I enjoyed the read and was glad to get something new from the writer.