“Unemployable” by David Thomas Roberts— Achieving Goals


Roberts, David Thomas. “Unemployable!”, Defiance Press, 2016.

Achieving Goals

Amos Lassen

According to David Thomas Roberts, now is the best time to start a business. In doing so, he teaches us how to become “unemployable”. In America, we are taught that good education is necessary in order to get a good job. A good job usually means that there is someone who dictates our commute to and from work, our income and when we get paid, our schedules and vacations. That is fine if you are happy to live that way. These days it is possible to avoid that and begin one’s own business.

We just might have to work longer and harder in the beginning in order to achieve the goals we seek but it turns out to be well worth it in the long run. Roberts shows us here about fulfilling our dreams and making sure that we have passion, perseverance and a good work ethic. These are so important for one who wants to be his own boss.

This little book is filled with wonderful information for those who wish to be entrepreneurs and businesses owners. We get solutions to the challenges faced by day-to-day operators and learn to have the attitude required for success. Roberts mixes the practical with the philosophical and uses honesty about challenges that are faced when moving into entrepreneurship. Most of us can remember when we worked like dogs and others (bosses) got rich because of it. Today it is very easy to forget those thoughts and become what Roberts calls a “Renegade Capitalist”. He tells us that if we follow his guide, we will reap the rewards of your own hard work.

Roberts struck out on his own when he was just 21 but he also shares that he failed numerous times and he succeeded many times. The point here is that this happened when he was his own boss. He promises us that by following the examples and understanding the basics that he offers that each of us can become our own boss. He also says that owning a business is not for everyone. The important thing here is having the proper temperament (and money), discipline and personality. He thinks that in the world we live today, it is better to set up “Micro Businesses”. Those who use this new model are on their way to freedom and business potential. All one really needs is an original idea, the willingness to make sacrifices and do all that is necessary. It is okay to make mistakes (we all do) because we learn from them just as we learn from the successes that others have had.

After introducing us to the “Renegade Capitalist in very beginning of the book, Roberts gives practical steps about such topics as how to gain financial “literacy”, learning how to live within one’s means and resisting instant gratification on what we do. We must learn to live on 80 percent of our take-home pay and keep a close watch our bank accounts. on your bank balance. Other topics include “Network Marketing,” “Franchises,” “Building A Business Plan,” and “Bootstrapping To Success”. What makes this book so entertaining are the many personal stories Roberts tells of the peaks and valleys of his own journey. There’s even a glossary at the back of the book in which Robert defines everything from “Angel Investors” to “Venture Capital Firms.” Each of these has a chapter in the book.

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