“Killer Deal” by Sofie Sarenbrant— The Morning After

killer deal

Sarenbrant, Sofie. “Killer Deal” (Emma Sköld), translated by Paul Norlen, Stockholm Text, 2016.

The Morning After

Amos Lassen

I must be honest and state that until I received this book I had never heard of Sofie Sarenbrant but then I do not live in Sweden or read Swedish. I understand that this is her fifth novel and the third in her Emma Skold series. However, this is her first book that has been translated into English.

The novel begins on the morning after an open house in a very exclusive and expensive neighborhood at the home of the Goransons. Young Astrid (six-years-old) discovers her father’s dead body. There does not seem to have been a break-in and the weapon that killed the man was one of his own kitchen knives. Astrid mentions that a man she did not know stroked her cheek sometime during the night but otherwise there is nothing to say that something from outside the house had anything to do with the murder. There were many who came to the open house and the question therefore becomes whether or not everyone left the property after the open house was over.

Detective Emma Skold is one the case and she thinks that perhaps it was the man’s wife, Cornelia, who committed the crimes but that theory is thrown away when there are more murders after open houses in the neighborhood. It just so happens that Emma is pregnant and that Cornelia is her sister’s best friend. Granted that this is a fine neighborhood but no one has any idea of who has committed the murders and if there is a connection between the dead. This is an easy and quick read. To tell you anymore would ruin it so I will just say that this is a peasant escape from the real world.

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