“The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book” by Jacinta Bunnell— An Activity Book

the big gay alphabet

Bunnell, Jacinta and Leela Corman. “The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book”, (Reach and Teach), PM Press, 2016.

An Activity Book

Amos Lassen

One of the new trends in publishing are adult coloring books and it is great that we have one about the LGBT community. “The Big Gay Alphabet Coloring Book” is an activity book for adults that highlights memorable victories and collective moments in our history. On each page is a

framed line drawing with beautiful typography that reminds us of those vintage children’s coloring books but there is something more— the book aims to bring greater understanding of gender fluidity, gender diversity, and sexual orientation. With over fifty different pages we get a look at history that makes it easy to remember those moments that are important to the LGBT community. We get both education and inspiration at the same time.

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