“Party Monster: The Shockumentary”

The Real Story

Amos Lassen

Most of us have heard of Michael Alig, a guy from Middle America who had the aspiration of becoming the next Andy Warhol. He became very quickly the biggest party promoter in New York and the reigning ruler of the Club Kids. As could be expected, he spiraled downward into various addictions until he ultimately murdered his roommate, Angel Melendez.

The Club Kids ran the night life in the 80’s in New York City. They were young party “monsters” that were paid by various club owners to appear at their venues. They were not performers, they just appeared. They were bizarre and odd and wore outrageous costumes.

When Alig moved to New York from the Midwest in the 1980’s, he met James St, James, a flamboyant guy who dressed in outrageous costumes and he introduces Alig to the club culture. While shy at first, Alig gets a job promoting parties at a club named The Limelight. After a short time there, he became a celebrity. Eventually his life went out of control as he became more and more self-absorbed which culminated in the murder of Melendez and after letting the body lay in his apartment for several days, he dismembered it and threw it into the river.

We get a complete picture of the club scene put together in a black comedy. The DVD has an hour of extras including a documentary about the East Village club scene, an audio commentary, a commercial for Club USA and a short about the mascot of the club kids, “Clara the Carefree Chicken”. This is the real story, not to be confused with the film starring McCauley Culkin.

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