“Love on the Jersey Shore” by Richard Natale— Searching for Love

love on the jersey shore

Natale, Richard. “Love on the Jersey Shore”, Bold Strokes Books, 2016.

Searching for Love

Amos Lassen

How many of us really stop to teach about exactly what we are looking for in a search for love? We hear the old standard answers like a guy who is honest, truthful, and intelligent and so on but we forget one of the important aspects— sexual compatibility. All the other factors might be there but if we do not enjoy each other in bed, what is the point?

Richard Natale introduces us to Anthony Ragucci who falls in love with his dream man, Hunter Reese, a handsome attorney. There is a bit of a problem and that comes in a good-looking Robert Burke who also has his eyes on Reese. Anthony’ cousin Frank enters the picture to help but soon realizes that he is attracted to Robert (who is attracted to Hunter).

Frank and Anthony are not only cousins but best friends who grew up together. The fact that they are both gay seals their friendship. The cousins go into business together and they have one very important rule—they are to never get involved with a client. Anthony manages to break that rule easily and he does so with Hunter. Frank is not crazy about this but he supports his cousin. He goes so far as to agree to meet Hunter’s friend, Robert, but learns quickly that sexually the two are just not compatible. We learn that Hunter and Robert are as close as Anthony and Frank and in each pair one feels protective over the other.

I have enjoyed the books by author Richard Natale and I include this book in that statement. What I particularly enjoyed here is the characters are developed. The book starts slowly and gradually introduces us to the players. In this way we can come to our own opinions about them. I did get the impression that we are to side with Antony and Frank though; they seem to paragons. It’s a clever maneuver that Natale uses since he cannot come out and say which characters are his favorites. (But then again, I could be wrong here and I like that as well because we have to think). This is the third book by Natale that I have read and reviewed and once again I am so glad that I had the chance to do so. When you read as much as I do you find that thee are very few surprises and when once comes along, you want to jump and say “finally!!!”. The best recommendation I can give is tell you to get a copy.

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