“PARTNERS”– Gay Romance


Gay Romance

Amos Lassen

From the blurb on the jewel case cover of the DVD of “Partners”, one might think that this is a movie that makes fun of gay men but I was pleasantly surprised as I watched the movie that this was not the case at all.

The storyline is quite simple. An enterprising   lawyer, acting on a report that a female colleague is about to be promoted to partner status, plays up the established rumor that he is gay in order to better his chances at beating the competition. What I really found interesting in the film is that it shows how far we have come. A couple of years ago I do not think that a major studio like Lion’s Gate” would have considered releasing a film about a straight man who pretends to be gay to get a promotion.

Dave is straight and has a gay roommate who is also his best friend. When Dave decides to “come out”, he is completely accepted by his co-workers and his family. He does not feel the need to “act gay” and he has no trouble telling people that he is “gay”. Because the tables are turned at his prestigious law firm where a case of sexual discrimination is to be assigned, Dave (Jay Harrington) and Katherine (Julie Bowen) who were once lovers, go against each other to get the case. The assignment will almost surely guarantee a partnership in the law firm. There is a young pretty girl, however, who is part of the case, Lucy. Lucy has eyes for Dave but thinks he is gay and she feels that this will help her father’s company if there is a gay lawyer on the case. Dave decides to play gay and wins the assignment and this angers Katherine who knows he is straight.

What ensues is a cat and mouse game between Dave and Katherine and the fact that Dave and Lucy share a common interest in each other makes for a funny story.

“Partners” is a standard romantic comedy with good acting and nice eye candy and some very funny moments. It is upbeat and polished but there is no bite and this is where it suffers. Everything is a bit too sweet. It is all fairly predictable but that does not stop it from being light fun. “La Cage Aux Folles” it is not but it is not bad either.

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