“NOTHING LEFT UNSAID”— Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper

nothing left unsaid1

“Nothing Left Unsaid”

Gloria Vanderbilt and Anderson Cooper

Amos Lassen

“Nothing Left Unsaid” is documentary about socialite and artist Gloria Vanderbilt  and her son CNN’s anchor the openly gay Anderson Cooper.  The 92 year-old Vanderbilt has quite a colorful past and in some very frank and open interviews with her son we learned a lot about her than her famous ‘Poor Little Rich Girl’ custody battle stories. Cooper who was visibly shocked to learn about some of his mother’s past boyfriends that he never knew about, such as 32 year old Errol Flynn who she had dated where she was just a mere 17 years old.

This is a fascinating profile of a person with an extra-ordinary privileged life. Cooper does not shy away from talking to his mother about extremely sensitive subjects such as his brother jumping off the terrace of her 17th Floor New York Apartment to take his own life.

nothing left unsaid

Mother and son are both extremely articulate and open with each other. We see that they have an undeniable close bond and are devoted to each other.  We see Cooper’s sheer disbelief that through his mother he is a part of one of what was once of the leading families in the country.

This HBO documentary is directed by Oscar nominee Liz Garbus and will be aired in the US and will be preceded by a book from the film.

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