“OUR HO– — USE”– Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents

“Our House”

Kids of Gay and Lesbian Parents

Amos Lassen

“Our House”  looks at the children gay and lesbian parents. Today there are millions of children that fit that description and the families are at the heart of a debate going on in America today. As America attempts to define its values, people are not sure where these children fit. It is obviously too obvious to see that these children are just that—children.

“Our House” explores what it is like growing up with same sex parents. The movie focuses on families in several places, among them Arizona, Arkansas and New York. The director, Meema Spadola is herself the daughter of a lesbian mother looks at the sons and daughters of five different families who show the ethnic, racial and religious diversity of the children of rainbow parents. This is a film that had to be made and an issue that we as Americans must deal with. It is an uplifting film which is very important. It has already won major awards including being nominated for the GLAAD Media Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality and Best Documentary at both the New York Lesbian and Gay Film Festival and Outfest Los Angeles, the premier GLBT film festival.

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