“Bruised Fruit” by Robin Anderson– Meet Jeremy Spiers

Anderson, Robin. “Bruised Fruit”, The Nazca Plains Corporation, 2011.

Meet Jeremy Spiers

Amos Lassen


I must admit that Robin Anderson’s books have become a guilty pleasure for me and I am fortunate that he keeps supplying me with reading material. I have already lost count but I know that I have five more reviews of his new writings ready to go.

“Bruised Fruit” will keep you reading and laughing and the character of Jeremy Spiers is unforgettable. As a child he was precocious and obnoxious, doing things like frying his pet mice and boiling his sister’s goldfish. Now that he has grown up to be an elegant and sophisticated man, he feels that his future will lead him to great things but with amusements that are quite sinister. He is a flirt and he is a king (or better put, a “queen” maker) and he managed to guide the career of Franchot “Tone” Seaton, a black artist who has been internationally hailed. Spiers used an undertaker’s digs to create the successful Spiers-Seaton Fine Arts. Tone’s uncle adds to the story by leading us to places most would not dare to go and Howie, a no-goodnik, and art critic, Giles and thinks just go crazy.

However, come hell or high water, Spiers is ambitious and nothing can stop him. He is determined for success and uses whatever it takes to become the man that he feels he is destined to become. However, this cannot be achieved with a good bit of terror and a lot of comedy for the reader. I do not think we have ever had a character like him and I doubt we shall see another.

Anderson’s forte is building characters and each of his books has at least one, if not more, unforgettable one. His writing is smooth and he has a knack for the language (maybe because he is British) and he is a master storyteller. I am glad to say that this book is available here in America which is great for us because many of his others are not. We can only hope that they all will reach American shores soon. Anderson is quite prolific and his books keep coming but it is a pity that we do not yet have all of them here.


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