“ANYWHERE USA”– Our Manners, Prejudices and Family Dynamics

“Anywhere, USA”

Our Manners, Prejudices and Family Dynamics

Amos Lassen


“Anywhere USA” is one of those movies that you love to hate. It looks at the way we live and it does so in a way that we cannot help pay attention. It is told in three parts, each about a group of individuals that have nothing to do with each other.

Part one. “Penance” is about a redneck with long hair and short brains. He asks his friend, a midget with tattoos and pierced nipples to spy on his girlfriend who has been looking ay men’s sexual organs on the internet. However things go a bit too far and they shoot the girlfriend’s online boyfriend because they think he is a terrorist.

Part two, “Loss”, is about an 8 year old orphan who ate brownies with marijuana and then looses hope because she discovers that the tooth fairy is not real. She also helps herself to the tequila she finds in her uncle’s car.

Part three, “Ignorance”, is about a guy, a WSAP and an older man, who realizes that he has no black friends and so he goes looking for one.

Most people are undecided as to how they feel about this film but evidently the folks at Sundance like it as it won a major prize. This movie is totally non-conventional and the atmosphere that it creates is unlike anything you have ever experienced at a movie before. What it is is something new and this could be why some people have a hard time with it. The characters are very real and if you live in Arkansas, like I do, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

The film parodies American life as well as big budget Hollywood films as it shows contempt for the audience. It tries to trick us several times and then admits that it did so. However, the performances are amazing especially since the cast is basically amateurs. While the three parts of the film seem to be totally unrelated, they are connected by theme—all three stories are about fantasies that were well intentioned went back in small town America.

The film was shot on a small camera which shows that any of us can make a movie and that there is a lot of talent in the world that we know nothing of. The movie makes you think with all of its political incorrectness and it is very funny. Written, edited and directed by Chusy Haney-Jardine, this obviously was a personal project that he wanted to get onto the screen. There is some real style in the film and it indeed is a reflection of the way some Americans live.

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