“OPEN CAM”– Death on the Net


Death on the Net

(This review is from the filmmaker Robert Gaston’s Website)


“Hunky young artist Manny Yates (Andreau Thomas) loves to cruise the
Internet for hot sex, especially on a popular Washington, DC-based gay
video site. But what starts out as uncomplicated fun turns terrifying
when an Internet serial killer signs on and begins an on-camera
killing spree. When Manny emerges as the only connection between the
gruesome series of murders, the darkly sexy and sardonic cop Hamilton
(Amir Darvish) is on the case-and on Manny!

Everyone in Manny’s tight group of friends is a suspect. Top on Hamilton’s
list is Manny’s adorable but very jealous ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, the newly
out-of-the-closet Hamilton has his own problems with his exwife. As
the killer moves in closer, so does Hamilton. Manny must let this hot
cop take control “under cover” -not only to solve the crimes but also
to break through his own icy barriers to love. But catching the
killer, and Manny’s heart, isn’t going to be easy.

Director RobertGaston calls on a talented cast of handsome newcomers
to create a dark world of intrigue and nail-biting suspense. Darvish plays
Hamilton with a nod to Bogart’s Philip Marlowe and Nicholson’s Jake
Gittes in Chinatown; Andreau Thomas’ flirtatious, mouth-watering Manny
commands the screen. With a great soundtrack, unexpected plot twists and
lots of steamy sex, OpenCam is a crime thriller that will have you glued to
your seat.”

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