“ONE CRAZY NIGHT”– What Can I Say?

Note: Since I reviewed this film, I have spoken with the director and he told me that he understood what I had to say but that this was first film, I am glad to say that the sequel to this film is excellent.


“One Crazy Night”

What Can I Say?

Amos Lassen

I see a lot of gay movies for several reasons. I like to stay updated about what is happening in our community film-wise and I also select films for the Arkansas GLBT film festival. I see a lot of good thinks but U also see a lot of junk and “One Crazy Night” falls somewhere between the two. It has such promise and there are moments of genius wedged somewhere in the garbage you have to watch to find it. However it bombs nevertheless.

London Hilton, a jetsetter, has had too much to drink and finds himself married to London Latsis after a rough night of drinking at a celebrity party held, of all places, at Club 69 in Berlin. Hilton tries to run but his new husband is right behind him—proving (or disproving) that love is a dangerous proposition.

So much is bad here. The acting is just terrible, the script which could have been so good falls flat, there seems to be no direction or editing. The cinematography, if you can call it that, is just beyond description—I could have dome better and I can’t even take a still shot with a camera.

I have tried hard to find something good to say but I am honestly at a loss. The script shows such promise but evidently signals were crossed and could have been a really good movie turns out to be a waste of time. I actually had to force myself to finish watching it. We can only hope that Taylor Hilton who is credited as director has learned something and that the next movie he decides to do will make a little sense. After all, a little sense is better than none at all.

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