“MY SISTER, MY BRIDE”– For the Ladies….



Amos Lassen

I have finally been able to hook up with two female movie releasing companies and so now I am able to review movies for women. Last night I watched an amazing short film from WOMEN MAKING MOVIES. Even it its short 26 minutes “My Sister, My Bride” is amazing.

With the great debate raging around us over the issue of gay marriage “My Sister, My Bride” directed by Bonnie Hunt has a great deal to say about the issue. The documentary is so heartwarming and laced with such emotion that you can feel the love it shares with the audience.  Caren and Farrell are Jewish lesbians who share the journey of celebrating the love they feel for each other. They have been partners for five years and want to acknowledge their relationship the same way other couples in love do. Living in Carson City, Nevada and supported by their community at the temple there, they create their “Brit Ahuva” or covenant of love. What they have done is take a large step for themselves as well as for the Jewish community at large. They have prepared their own commitment ceremony using traditional Jewish law and their own additions thereby making their union very personal and legal in the eyes of G-d.

When San Francisco’s mayor Gavin Newsom announced, two years later, that the city would be issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, they went there. However, this time they are a trio—a new baby had been adopted by the couple. They went to have the civil marriage ceremony that they felt was necessary to validate their partnership. We are taken via film, to San Francisco City Hall and are suddenly in the presence of many same sex couples validating their mutual feelings. And it so wonderful to feel the joy they share and to smile with them and for them. That defining moment in gay history is beautifully preserved in their short.

“My Sister, My Bride” is a personal film while at the same time it is an intense love story, Likewise it is the story of the Constitution of the United States and the story of legal justification for the way we live. It makes all the legal debates we have heard become very personal and is a monument to those who dared to take a step to help us win the acceptance and the rights that we want so badly.

The movie is making the rounds of GLBT film festivals and can be purchased from www.wmm.com. (It is quite expensive).The director, Bonnie Burt, Has been documentaries for over twenty years and has quite a catalog of films. A married woman, she is to be commended highly for venturing into this area and has done herself proud with this short film.

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