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“G: Lost in Frankfurt”

The Drug G

Amos Lassen

“G: Lost in Frankfort” looks at the excitement a new life can bring. It looks at the many levels of sensing and experiencing the complexity of the big city with its electronic music, clubs and the licentious sex between men while under the influence of the fashionable drug G (GBL). We see men trying to find the very essence of life and love without ever getting enough of each as well as the sneaking onset of disillusionment.



Kris can’t find a job in Warsaw and is tries his luck in Frankfurt, where he ends up in a design underwear store for men. He has some difficulties as he explores the foreign city in which he must now find his way around. When he gets to know Damiano, a young extremely attractive guy at a shop and who wants to show him Frankfurt. Kris gladly accepts the offer and after somewhat tentative touches and intense eye contact a passionate affair begins and all within one day.


The next day Damiano shows up with his best friend, David. He wants to have sex with Kris again on the drug G. However, Kris seems to have his eyes set only on David. To make matters worse, and despite had a hot threesome, that night they meets a couple of friends who also know David and the five of them now roam the city at night. Soon confessions and stories of each guy surfaces and have the effect of drawing them very close together. Completely unplanned, the night of intense partying ends again on G, filled with limitless erotic desires and without any taboos.


If you want to know Frankfurt all you have to do is watch this film—there is no need to travel. All you have to do is watch this film. There is no moralizing here— we simply see what some consider to be good times that include sex, drugs and hedonism.


Forget about gay tour guides to the German city of Frankfurt. Simply watch this film and you’ll discover all you need to know. A recent newbie to town meets a local dyed-in-the-wool pleasure seeking resident who takes him on a trip of sex, drugs (G) and hedonism. We are left to draw our own conclusions about this kind of life style.


We do not hear much dialogue—rather body language says it all. It helps that there is a very good electronic music score and I had the feeling more than once that I was watching gay erotica about Frankfurt.