“Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann” by D. Lawrence-Young— A Historical Novel

six million accusers

Lawrence-Young, D. “Six Million Accusers: Catching Adolf Eichmann”, Enigma Press, 2014.

A Historical Novel

Amos Lassen

“Six Million Accusers” is a historical novel about the hunt for and capture of Adolf Eichmann. He disappeared after WWII and members of an Israeli organization search the world for him and hoping to capture one of the men responsible for the brutal massacre of millions of Jews, and others. The team follows any tip they receive. They discover a Jewish father and daughter who swear Eichmann quietly lives in their community, under a new name. The search for Eichmann picks up speed and the agents begin to fervently believe they have found their man. As they get closer and closer, they must also create a plan to capture Eichmann, and secretly transport the villain back to Israel. There is always the question as to whether the suspect is really Eichmann and if so, what complications may arise that might destroy their plans to hold him responsible for his crimes.

Author Lawrence-Young has based his novel on historic details and it brings to life actual people, places and events in the planned extermination of the Jews in Europe and the subsequent worldwide hunt for its mastermind Adolf Eichmann who was living in hiding in South America. He has reconstructed the events and brings the story to life from finding a suspect, establishing his true identity, capturing Adolf Eichmann and bringing him to Israel to stand trial.

What I find fascinating here is that even though we know how the story ends, it is still tense and filled with suspense. While we might thing that Eichmann is the main character here, we see that it is actually those who hunted him and brought him to Israel that the story revolves around. They were the members of The Israeli Institute for Intelligence and Security, commonly known as “The Mossad” who with the help of a German-Jew, Haim, tracked him to South America. The book is also about those who wanted retribution for these heinous crimes of the Third Reich.

Even though this is fiction, the author has done amazing research to write this story. We get the sense of just how much it took to take this man down. The book attempts to be faithful to the history of the events surrounding the historic capture of who has been called “the father of The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem.” In my opinion, it does just that. There is a bibliography for further reading.