“Eqbal Ahmad”: Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age” by Stuart Schaar— A Friend, An Activist, a Journalist and a Theorist

eqbal ahmad

Schaar, Stuart. “Eqbal Ahmad”: Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age”, Columbia University Press, 2015.

A Friend, An Activist, a Journalist and a Theorist

Amos Lassen

Eqbal Ahmad (1930?-1999) was a original and bold activist, journalist, and theorist who was able to bring an uncommon perspective to the rise of militant Islam, the conflict in Kashmir, the involvement of the United States in Vietnam, and the geopolitics of the Cold War. He had been a long-time collaborator and friend of writer Stuart Schaar who has managed to brings us writings that were previously unseen and he has done tremendous research in order to do so.

Eqbal courageously fought for freedom and justice everywhere in the world throughout his life and he did so as a humanist with humanistic understanding. Schaar writes a tribute to a man who did do much for so many. There is a wealth of remarkable original primary material Eqbal’s life and writings. We see him here as a brilliant and penetrating critic and analyst as well as a courageous fighter for justice and freedom in much of the world. Stuart Schaar, brings Eqbal to life and draws on their long, intimate friendship and shared scholarly endeavors with the politics of the Middle East and the Islamic world. We see Eqbal’s grasp of the interplay between the maladies of post colonialism and the persistent imperial ambitions of the West.

Schaar has made the man accessible to all those who never had the privilege of knowing him I am sure his old friend would be proud of this book that shows him as the thinker and the wonderful person that he was.

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